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I am a man of my generation and I still carry the culture of my ancestral race. Even if I am living on this new and modern generation I kept the values of good and understand them how they educate me about life. As a child, I want to grow up strong and in good shape, while being good and respectful gentlemen for all mankind.

Being manly is a good trait of a man that must not fade throughout generation and you must be manly at all time. To understand what makes you manly is by checking your physical appearance, functional like being responsible, sexually attractive, and master of his emotions, brave and much more. Is all of them are really good or bad.

Be careful and balance these characteristics, because some man become so vain in their appearance and the others are being brave but troublesome. Be manly with good character and balance all the attitude set of yourself.  We mus be Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually, and Spiritually

We must take care of our body inside and out, our physical appearance can describe you are for those who know how to take care of their appearance is an indication of being responsible.

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