If you can watch and see yourself from the day you were born and up to the last dying breath. The flashback of yesterday misfortune and success is just a history you can’t alter in the present. It is very important that now is the time to decide and act for your future.

I love to share short movie “A Life in a Day” written and directed by Jolly Feliciano. I love the story where you can understand it without the script because of good timeline. The event is very much in series where you can relate what is happening on every plot of the story.

I am please to share “A life in a Day” Inspirational story. I am inspired to see how the family starts from childhood sweet heart to last up to the next generations.


How much time is enough? A Life in a Day is a story about finding hope amidst a desperate situation. See the beauty of life and savour its most precious moments through the eyes of a young boy.

What did you learn from “A Life in A Day.”

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  • Life’s goes on as time goes by.
  • The one you love will be taking away from your arms soon
  • Let your child grow with wisdom and proper guidance
  • Your family will always there for you.

You can make a difference

It’s time to protect your dreams. Not everyone know how to protect their dreams and for them life really goes on. If you know that you can pass a good life “a dreams” from generation to generation, then be responsible to take care of it.

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